Surfing the Big Waves

Exploration for our next class on May 14th:

Chose one emotion to explore in the coming week. It can be pleasant or unpleasant, positive or negative… just choose an emotion you would like to work with, cultivate, or transform your relationship to right now.

Explore this emotion in creative ways. Be observant; notice when it arises, both within you and those around you. What causes this emotion to arise in you? What causes it to subside? When others express this emotion, what is your response? Find other questions that will help you to investigate the effects of this emotion in your life more deeply.

You may want to experiment with one or more of the following techniques:

  • Reflect on the history of this emotion in your own experience, as well as in your close relationships. What roles has this emotion played in your life?
  • Look it up in the dictionary. If you want, use an online English to Sanskrit dictionary to find out terms for this emotion in Sanskrit. 
  • Contemplate what spiritual scriptures and teachers, psychology, healing modalities, or other resources say about this emotion.
  • Cultivate your emotional intelligence by practicing self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy.
  • Open your heart to inspiration, healing, wisdom and grace. 
  • Record your experience and insights in a notebook or journal.
  • Come to class ready to share and to listen!

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