Vanaprastha is a retreat site located on the Mad River an hour inland from Arcata and Eureka, CA. Guided by yogic teachings and permaculture principles, its stewards are gently and gradually cultivating these 50 acres of riverfront land for the purpose of spiritual retreat. Blessed with sacred pools and groves, fertile orchards and gardens, and a minimum of permanent structures, this beautiful land offers a rare opportunity to deeply connect with our inner and outer nature.

Vanaprastha (“established in the forest”) is a Sanskrit word that refers to a person who has withdrawn from the demands of life into the solitude of the forest to deeply engage in spiritual practice. According to ancient Vedic teachings, this is not reserved just for monks and yogis, but is an important part of everyone’s life. In the practice of vanaprastha, we willingly leave behind everything that distracts us from the natural world, in order to experience who and what we truly are.

As we sit in silence at the water’s edge, the river sings us toward our heart’s true home…

Recent retreats at Vanaprastha:

Listen to the River: A one-day retreat on the banks of the Mad River, led by Emily Trutt and Therese FitzMaurice. Friday, July 11th. For details and registration, please click on the retreat title.

Women’s Vision FastJune 2-12.

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