Primary instructor: Karen Dawn Harris, M.Div.

Karen brings the spiritual practices and philosophical teachings of India vividly to life through her lively and inspirational teaching. Empowered by decades of study and spiritual practice, a Harvard degree in spiritual leadership, extensive travel in India, Nepal, Japan and Tibet, and years of experience as a university lecturer and interfaith minister, Karen’s teaching awakens confidence, clarity, and intuitive understanding in her students. Karen is deeply committed to offering spiritual mentoring and leadership training to inspired yoga practitioners and teachers.

Testimonials about Karen’s teaching

Karen has the ability to inspire deep embodied realization, turn the power of word, and pierce into the heart. She has an excellent ability to synthesize and capture the essence of practice and teaching and to share it so we get it. Beautiful teachings, clearly portrayed, and shot through with profound realization.  — Humboldt State University student

Karen unravels the complex philosophies of the yoga traditions in a clear and concise manner. Her experience and knowledge of the practice were the key.  — Yoga teacher-in-training

I could listen to her talk forever.  — Retreat participant

Her deep spirituality, crystalline clarity of vision and ability to articulate her perceptions are an inspiring gift.  — Congregation member

Academic advisor: Dr. Stephen L. Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins received his Ph.D. in Buddhism from Harvard University in 1999 and is currently a tenured professor in the Religious Studies Department at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. He received his yoga training from TKV Desikacharya at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Madiram in Chennai, India. Dr. Jenkins has spent years living and studying in Asia, and has led study abroad programs in India, Japan, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Israel. His lifelong interest and area of research is love and compassion in Hindu and Buddhist thought.

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