HSU tantra 2014: last assignment

Intro to Hindu Tantra: assignment for April 2nd

In preparation for our next class, please:

  • READ this summary of the 20 sutras of the Heart of Recognition (Pratyabhijnahrdayam).
  • READ this short excerpt from the Paramarthasara by Abhinavagupta. Please note that Bhairava is another name for Shiva.
  • READ this short meditation experience: The Blue Heart.
  • EXPERIMENT with your own understanding. Sit in front of a mirror and contemplate the relationship between the mirror and the objects reflected in it as you re-read Abhinavagupta’s words.
  • WRITE a 2-page paper that describes your understanding of the relationship between the inner Self and the world that we perceive, according to the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism.


Check out this amazing TED talk by scientist Jeff Lieberman that summarizes the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism!



  1. Greaat blog I enjoyed reading

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