AVH: April 20th

When we recgnize what the essential thrust of our life reveals, we can begin to see how the present rendition of our story also offers the essential wisdom needed to evolve into the next phase.      — Gangaji, Hidden Treasure, p. 15

To prepare for April 20th: 

1) Continue to work on telling your life story without words. Don’t just think about how you will do this! Move your body and your soul! Experiment with how to use movement, facial expression, sounds, etc. to express the key themes, personas, transitions, challenges, insights and transformations of your life. Journaling, meditation, chanting, and mantra can support your clarity and intention to open up to the wisdom of the heart. Come prepared to share your story in three minutes or less on April 20th.

2) Please read Karen’s story, Elie Wiesel and the Book of Job. In this story, Karen contemplates her own experience of suffering in the light of the teachings of The Book of Job and with the guidance of her teacher, Elie Wiesel.

3) Using Karen’s talk on the conference call as your guide, choose a quality that you would like to evoke in your life, a quality that would help move your own life story toward healing, resolution, and wholeness. Experiment with the steps of contemplation:

  1. Choosing a quality or spiritual teaching to contemplate
  2. Seeking and opening to wisdom, synchronicity, grace and guidance
  3. Remembering your intention with regularity
  4. Recording what you learn

PLEASE NOTE: Our next class will be on April 20th at the Community Yoga Center on the plaza in Arcata.

Optional reading: 

This excerpt from the Splendor of Recognition by Swami Shantananda gives a short teaching on the importance of disciplined speech and mantra.

Recordings from our last class:

Karen: Empathic listening

Karen: Mantra


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