Yoga and the Art of Spiritual Leadership

Yoga and the Art of Spiritual Leadership: J-term class at Harvard Divinity School

In this course we will explore the potential for the practice of ministry and spiritual leadership in the burgeoning American yoga community. With 1 in 10 American adults engaged in the practice of yoga, and many teachers instructing students in spiritual practices such as meditation, devotional chanting, and the study of scripture, yoga studios are fast becoming dynamic spiritual communities. What does spiritual leadership look like in the context of the 21st century American yoga studio? How are ministerial skills such as preaching, pastoral care, scriptural instruction and social activism adapted within these communities? How can the teachings of the yogic canon inform our understanding and practice of ministry? How can Harvard Divinity School, with its wealth of intercultural and inter-religious resources, contribute to the empowerment and education of the leaders of this growing community?

January 17th-18th, 2012. Seth Powell: teaching assistant. For students, staff and alumni of Harvard Divinity School.

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