Living Your Message

Living Your Message: Finding the Heart of Your Yoga, with Karen Harris, M.Div. and Lori Snyder, E-RYT

My life IS my message. — Mahatma Gandhi

This class offers a practical leadership program for yoga teachers who wish to delve deeper into the spirit of their yoga. For yoga teachers, teachers-to-be, and all interested practitioners. CEUs available. This workshop is designed as part of a YA RYS 200-hr Teacher Training program. Each segment may be taken individually.

Part 1: Finding Your Message: The Ethical Heart of Yoga, with Lori Snyder

Living our message happens best when we become clear on what it is we actually believe. Through asana, meditation, discussion and readings, explore the traditional ethical foundation of yoga as well as Max Strom’s 5 Virtues (Gratitude, Forgiveness, Honesty, Kindness, and Humility). You will leave this segment with your own personal code of ethics designed by you. 

Part 2: Knowing Your Message: Living the Teachings of Yoga Philosophy, with Karen Harris

Spiritual and philosophical teachings come alive when we have a clear understanding of how they can support us in our daily life. Develop your ability to understand, embody and apply the essential teachings of India’s great philosophical traditions, and harness their power to transform your life.

Part 3: Speaking Your Message: Teaching with Courage and Clarity, with Karen Harris
True teachers don’t simply repeat the words that they have heard; speaking the truth requires a deep inner alignment of heart, head and soul. In this class you will learn simple and powerful inner asanas designed to awaken your connection to you own deepest wisdom and empower you to share your truth with the world.
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