Yoga Darshana

Yoga Darshana: Celebrating the Wisdom of the Yogic Tradition

In this two-month series we will dive deep into the wisdom of the Indian philosophical and devotional traditions. Accompanied by accomplished kirtan artist Shemaia Skywater and other beloved companions on the yogic path, we will chant, contemplate, meditate, practice applying tantric teachings in our daily lives, and learn about the divine qualities embodied by Ganesha and the Goddess. Join us for an evening, or come for the whole series!

Every Tuesday evening from Feb. 7th – March 27th, 7:15-845 PM. Offered by Inner Freedom Yoga at the Community Yoga Center, 890 G Street, Arcata, CA.

Class Schedule

Feb. 7th: Ganesha, the Lord of Beginnings. This elephant-headed god is worshipped in India as both the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles. Join us for an evening of stories, chanting, and ecstatic dance. Bring your hoop and something to offer on Ganesha’s altar.

Feb. 14th: Tuning the Heart. The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love. — Hafiz. Join us for an evening of ecstatic kirtan in celebration of Valentine’s Day and Shivaratri. Bring your instruments and an open heart!

Feb. 21st – Mar. 6th: This Very Life. Tantric teachings say that divinity saturates every aspect of our lives. Drawing on the powerful teachings of two tantric texts, the Heart of Recognition and the Vijnanabhairava, we will practice seeing and embracing the perfection of this very life.

Feb. 24th – 25th: The Gifts of the Goddess: In this weekend workshop we will sit at the feet of the Goddess, learning about the gifts that She offers to us through her forms as Durga/Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Bring a notebook or journal and something to offer on the altar. Friday evening: 7-9 PM. Saturday: 11 AM-1 PM.

For the full listing of classes and pricing options, please go to the Inner Freedom Yoga website.

Pricing: $12 per class, $30 for a set of 3 classes, $75 for all Tuesday evenings. See the Inner Freedom Yoga website (link above) for a full list of pricing and student discounts.

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