Here are all the quizzes given in class, with the answers filled in. Studying these should be PART of your preparation for the final. It would also be helpful to go back over all of the assignment pages, re-read your notes, and review the readings. Most important of all, you should think about how each of these traditions express different understandings and teachings. Practice writing a two or three sentence description of each tradition. Think about how they are similar and how they are different from each other. Think about how you could put the teachings of each tradition into practice in your life. More complex questions are: How do the earlier traditions affect the later ones? How do the later traditions re-interpret the earlier ones?

Veda quiz

Upanishads quiz

Patanjali quiz

Bhagavad Gita quiz

Bhakti quiz

Mid-term review quiz

Advaita Vedanta quiz

Tantra quiz

Modern yoga-tantra quiz

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