Second tantra assignment

Tantra and the body: continued

For the ignorant person, this body is the source of endless suffering, but to the wise person, this body is the source of infinite delight.

— Yoga Vashishtha

In this week’s readings we will continue to explore some of the core teachings of the tantric traditions.

Required Assignments:

Read “Kundalini” by Sally Kempton: A meditation and yoga philosophy teacher writes about the cosmic energy that tantric traditions believe lies within the human body.

Read “Mantra” by Georg Feuerstein: A scholar/practitioner describes the tantric understanding of sound and the practice of mantra recitation.

Practice: Find a place where you won’t be disturbed. If necessary for privacy, go out into the forest or to the beach. Find a quiet place where you can sit alone. Repeat the mantra AUM for at least fifteen minutes.  Focus your attention on the mantra as closely as you can. Feel how it vibrates in your body. After you finish chanting, meditate for at least ten minutes. Notice any changes in your body or your mental state. Write about your experience in your journal.

Download a printable version of the second tantra assignment.

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