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Website recommended by Hannah:
For those of you who want to delve even *deeper* into your study and practice of yoga: is an online database of classes brought to you by some of the nation’s leading teachers. There are literally thousands of classes on this site, ranging from 5 minute super-beginner lectures to 120 minute advanced asana classes. They have a 15 day free trial available to you if you’d like to check it out. If you like it, it’s only $18/month!! (It pays for itself even if you only do two classes a month!) The reason I thought to share this with you is because Sally Kempton, the author of one of this week’s readings, has a handful of meditations available. It can be really fun to bring a piece of literature to life by having a personal experience with the author.  IMPORTANT: If you do choose to play with YogaGlo, PLEASE be careful, especially those of you who are relatively new to the mat. A home practice is a delicate thing, and a privilege, and should NEVER replace your time studying with a teacher. If you are interested in doing a home practice, talk to Therese–she is an amazing yogi with an abundance of knowledge and experience. She will help you create a safe and beneficial practice to do in the comfort of your home. I tell you this from personal experience. I injured myself a few years ago because I was overly eager and excited and was not studying with a teacher. I am STILL working with this injury and it has been a serious bummer for my practice. So, not to scare you, but heed my words: listen to your body, be patient, and know that a strong practice takes time.
Books recommended by Jensen:
Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
Autobiography of a Yogi, God Talks with Arjuna, and The Second Coming of Christ (all by Paramahansa Yogananda)
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