TTY Fall 2013: Bhakti (second class)

For our second class on bhakti, please complete the following assignments:

Read last week’s reading from Journey Through the Twelve Forests if you haven’t already done so!

Listen to a talk called Who Are You… Really? given by Gangaji: A contemporary American guru presents a method of self-inquiry.

Contemplate the nature of your own identity:

  • Write your name at the top of a piece of paper. Underneath, write a list of at least ten things that describe who you are. Start each one with “I am…”
  • Contemplate the qualities that you have written on your list. How many of them have been true since you were born? How many do you think will be true until you die? Are there any that you could let go of and still be who you are? Think about what these qualities mean to you. Are they important to you? Do they make you feel better than other people? Less worthy than other people? If so, why?



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