TTY 2016 Extra credit assignment

You have TWO opportunities to earn extra credit for this class. You may do either one, but to have a positive affect on your grade we highly recommend that you do both:

1) Write a one-page response paper to this summary of a talk on the history of asana given by Seth Powell, a former HSU RS graduate who is currently working on his PhD in yoga studies at Harvard University. Your paper must be submitted to Karen and Stephanie by email by midnight on Monday April 4th. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

2) Attend an upcoming Religious Studies event: On Tuesday April 5th at 6 PM the RS department will be hosting a Skype presentation given by Seth Powell, in which you will have an opportunity to ask him questions about the practice and academic study of yoga, his studies and travels in India, his experience as an HSU undergraduate and RS major… whatever!!!

Seth Powell and Texts and Traditions of Yoga

Back in the spring of 2009, when Texts and Traditions of Yoga was taught for the very first time, Seth Powell was one of the students in the class (Katie Wilson was the first TA!). During his senior year at HSU, Seth was also a hatha yoga instructor in the Recreation Department. Seth graduated with a major in RS in 2010. After graduating, Seth left for India, China and Japan, where he traveled for almost a year before returning to the states. In the fall of 2011, he returned to HSU and served as the TA for the second offering of Texts and Traditions of Yoga. The following spring, Seth and his wife Charlotte led a trip to northern India for group of local yoga practitioners. In the fall of 2012 Seth began his Master’s degree at the University of Washington, where he spent two years studying yoga, Sanskrit, and Hinduism. In the fall of 2013, Seth gave the opening lecture the third time that Texts and Traditions of Yoga was taught. After graduating from UW in the spring of 2014, Seth went on to a PhD program at Harvard University, where he is studying and translating the texts of the medieval hatha yoga tradition.

YOU TOO CAN TURN YOUR EXPERIENCE OF THIS CLASS INTO A DEEP EXPLORATION! Come to Seth’s talk and find out more about how to take your interest in yoga to a whole new level…

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