HSU tantra 2014: third assignment

Intro to Hindu Tantra: assignment for March 26

What you want to know – the Truth, the light – is beyond the senses. In fact, all the scriptures say it is beyond the mind, beyond the intellect, beyond the five senses of perception, beyond everything. Nevertheless, you must use all your senses to know the Truth. It is a paradox… A seeker must turn the senses around and redirect them toward his own heart… The very thing that is the source of distractions is the same thing that can take you to the goal.

The Yoga of Discipline, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

In preparation for our next class, please:

  • READ  this short excerpt on the necessity for the yogic control of the senses from The Yoga of Discipline by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.
  • READ Swami Shantananda’s commentary on Sutra 6 of the Heart of Recognition (Pratyabhijnahrdayam).
  • EXPERIMENT with the practice that Swami-ji describes on page 146. As thoughts or feelings arise, offer them into your own inner sense of being, your own “I am”.

Response paper:

  • WRITE a 2-page paper that describes how the unawakened mind experiences maya based on your own understanding of Sutra 6.
  • Come to class prepared to discuss your understanding of the relationship between the senses, the mind, and our sense of limited identity.
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