HSU tantra 2014: second assignment

Intro to Hindu Tantra: assignment for March 12

In preparation for our next class, please:

  • READ “Methods of Interpreting Tantric Scripture” by Paul Muller-Ortega: In this short excerpt from an introduction to the Shiva Sutras, a contemporary scholar of Kashmir Shaivism (who is also a practitioner) describes how one should read, contemplate, and fully digest the meaning of a tantric scripture. PLEASE READ THIS TEXT FIRST! Evan and Jackson: if you want, you may use this longer excerpt instead.
  • READ Swami Shantananda’s commentary on Sutra 5 of the Heart of Recognition (Pratyabhijnahrdayam): Please read this sutra carefully, putting into practice what you have learned from the Muller-Ortega reading.
  • EXPERIMENT with the practice that Swami-ji describes on page 123. As thoughts and feelings arise, try regarding them as “temporary configurations of Consciousness.”

Response paper:

WRITE a 2 page paper that includes the following:

  • Sutra 5 written out in English
  • Describe in your own words your understanding of this sutra.
  • End your paper with one short paragraph that describes how you might apply the teaching in this sutra in your daily life.
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