Inner Freedom: March 2014

The Tantric Body: Four Tuesday evenings, March 4-25

Link to readings and resources for course participants (password required)

Our modern understanding of the body has transformed the practice of medicine, giving us the power to heal disease and prolong our lives. As practitioners of yoga, we also have access to another way of understanding the body that can radically transform our heart and soul.

In this four week journey through the tantric teachings we will encounter a vision of the body that is vast and all-encompassing, empowered by the wisdom of millennia of dedicated yogic practice. We will learn of powerful links to the cosmos that lie within us, links that can inspire our practice and enliven our hearts. Our exploration will be supported by short readings from tantric texts and other writings and experiential exercises designed to jumpstart our understanding and ability to apply these powerful teachings in our daily life.

Completion of this class is equivalent to 5 contact hours of Continuing Education in yoga philosophy. 

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