AVH: for March 30

I have come to believe that spiritual maturation is a matter of being rooted, deeply rooted, in my very own life. Spiritual maturation evolves through cultivating a kind of trust and faith. This faith arises through surrendering to an unfolding story, a story which I do not know the end of, the story of my own life. This story, if I can just put my trust in it, will gradually reveal the divine within what seems to be ordinary. This faith, this surrender, is a practice of delving deeply into who we are, as we have been created, and as we are unfolding.     — Karen

To support your intention to connect with your inner source of inspiration and wisdom, we invite you to:

  • Choose one story: an issue, relationship, or situation that calls out for healing in your life. Create something small but tangible that will help focus your attention on your story. It can be a photograph, a short written paragraph, a drawing… anything that evokes your story clearly in your heart. Set this on your altar or somewhere special where you will see it every day.
  • Set aside some time each day to sit quietly and turn your attention inward. There is no need to do anything. Simply turn your attention toward your own inner sense of being, toward that which experiences every thought, emotion, and perception. Notice what comes up without rejecting, embracing, or judging. Take time to simply be.
  • At the end of your meditation, ask for grace and refresh your intention to invite healing into your life. If you have time, you can journal, draw, or in some other way focus your creative attention and open heart toward your story. You might want to experiment with the writing practice that Janet Connor describes in the reading below.
  • At the end of your practice, send a blessing to everyone else in the class. If you want, you can visualize all of us sitting in the sanctuary, reaching out our arms toward each other in a circle of healing. Visualize healing and grace filling the circle and spreading beyond into the world.

The important thing is not how much time you set aside, but to give your practice your attention every day, even if only for a few minutes.

Readings to support your practice:

Gangaji: Uncovering the truth in your life story

Janet Connor: an excerpt from Writing Down Your Soul

Recordings from our last class:

Karen: intro

Karen: uncovering obstacles

Robyn: speaking from discovery

Therese: Tonglen

Karen: wrapup

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